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Leaking or worn-out parts can cause poor air flow, undesirable odors, and a lack of hot or cool air in your car. Our team will work to diagnose the issue with your car’s HVAC system and work to repair the problem. We can safely recharge your air conditioning unit, repair leaks, and help keep you comfortable all year long.

A faulty anti-lock brake system can put you and your passengers in danger. This is especially true in wet or icy conditions — when your wheels begin to skid, you want your vehicle to stop as quickly as possible. The ABS helps you with those sudden stops. If your ABS light has come on, we can diagnose the problem with your system and get it working good as new.

It is important to have your axles regularly inspected to ensure they are in good working order. This component of your car connects and provides power to the wheels. Replacing the bearings and seals can help prevent having to completely replace the axles.

Your car’s battery stores energy and provides power for a number of components. This includes the engine, fuel system, lights, and interior electronics. The vehicle’s charging system helps the battery to maintain its charge. Performing regular maintenance on your car will help prolong the battery’s life — and keep it running in even the harshest weather. We have the skills and experience to efficiently diagnose problems with your battery or charging system and then make the necessary repairs.

The brake system is one of the most essential components of every vehicle. Keeping your brakes in working order is one of the most important services we perform. Brakes and system components are bound to wear down over time. You should have your brakes regularly inspected and serviced to ensure your vehicle is safe to drive. Our brake services include: caliper inspection, brake pad replacement, rotor-drum refinishing or replacement, ABS Control Diagnostics, and more.

Classic cars sometimes require a higher level of care and repairs, and our technicians have the skills and experience you can count on. We provide a full range of classic car services including engine rebuilding, electrical services, parts replacement, diagnostics, exhaust repair, and more.

By using the latest computer diagnostics and technology, we are able to accurately diagnose and more than 90% of the cars in our area. We utilize technology and systems by Alldata, Mitchell on Demand, Identifix, and Motoshop. This ensures our technicians are able to repair any vehicle brought into our shop.

It is recommended you have your wheels aligned at least once a year or when you purchase new tires. During your routine oil changes, we will inspect your tires and may recommend having it done sooner.

When you come in to have this service performed, we will inspect your ball joints, tie rod ends, shocks, wheel bearings, links and stabilizer bar. We use computerized alignment systems to ensure your wheels are perpendicular to the road and parallel to each other. This ensures the car goes straight in a perfect center line. In addition, we always check camber, caster, toe in, and set your car to the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure the best results.

Oil changes are a simple, yet important, maintenance procedure to help keep your car’s engine functioning properly. You should have your oil changed every three months or 5,000 miles, especially for high mileage vehicles.

Having the radiator in your vehicle flushed is an important preventive maintenance service. It helps remove dirt, sludge, rust, and dirty coolant from your cooling system. This helps keep the system running operating properly, which prevents your vehicle from overheating. In addition to radiator flushes, we will inspect the entire system, including drive belts, radiator hoses, cooling fan, water pump, and the radiator cap.

Both of these components ensure you experience a smooth ride while preserving your vehicle’s structural integrity and steering in your vehicle. These parts are used on a vehicle with strut-type suspensions and can often last the lifetime of your vehicle. If your car keeps bouncing after going through a dip or bump in the road, it may be a sign you need new shocks or struts. The springs in your car absorb the bumps, and the shocks and struts serve as “dampers” to control the bouncing afterward. Excessive suspension movement or noises can be caused by damaged from road debris, leaks, or worn out bushings.

Starters and alternators play an important role in your car’s electrical system. They are also the most commonly failed components in today’s vehicles. The starter is the component that actually starts your vehicle. The alternator charges the battery and distributes power to various electrical components in your car. Our goal is to help you prevent a breakdown caused by a failing starter or alternator.

The belts in your car drive features such as the air conditioning compressor, alternator, power steering, and the water pump. If it shows wear such as stretching, fraying, or cracks, it needs to be replaced. If the timing belt breaks, you will not able be to start your engine and drive. During regular inspections, we will make sure your belts are in good working order.

To ensure your tires wear evenly, it is important to have them regularly rotated and balanced. This service is usually performed in conjunction with an oil change. If your tires are unbalanced or wearing unevenly, it may be a sign of suspension issues or damaged wheel bearings.

Clean and clear transmission fluids kept at the proper levels ensure an efficient transmission system. Our transmission services help provide smoother shifting and increase the longevity of your vehicle. We are experienced in maintaining transmission systems for both automatic and manual vehicles.

Looking to achieve and maintain maximum performance in your car? Regular tune-ups and factory recommended service can help you maintain its fuel efficiency and keep the engine in good working condition. During a tune-up, we will inspect your vehicle, replace the ignition coils and wires, PCV valves, spark plugs, and so on. We have the skills and knowledge to work on most makes and models.

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